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Metal Construction Needs Analysis by ABIS

September 21, 2018
By Freddy Donovan
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Metal Construction Needs Analysis by ABIS



Needs Analysis - It's what the Metal Construction Industry Needs

You have concerns about your business; you run a profitable and successful Metal Construction/Manufacturing business, but you know some of your processes and your software is out of date.  You can admit to yourself that there are better ways to do things, but you aren't sure exactly what those processes are, and you are even less certain about the returns.  Is the investment in both time and money worth it?  Who can you ask, certainly not your competition (although you would love to KNOW how they are handling it all).  Who can give you a straightforward honest answer?  

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

ABIS’ SMEs have worked for years in with our metal industry partners and customers.  Our SMEs have all handled full-scale metal industry implementations and are well-versed in the languages of lean manufacturing and change management.  They know how to take complex processes, regardless if they are paper processes or exist across multiple software platforms, and design new solutions that avoid bottlenecks and eliminate redundancy.  Each of our SMEs has a wealth of experience in solving challenges, helping users to adopt new ways of working, and smoothing the rough edges of processes until their customer is operating like a well-oiled machine.

Our SMEs can be your hero!  Each one of them has trained extensively on our software platform and are experts in their areas.  More importantly, they have also trained extensively in the field working through real problems to find real world adaptable solutions.  Years of combined insight is shared with the entire team and drives everything we do to help our customers.  Our SMEs revisit internal policies and best practices constantly based on professional knowledge learned in the field and the latest trends across many industries.  They know how to apply the lessons learned from other’s failed strategies, develop new opportunities, and share controls and processes that have proven time and again to be successful.

What is the ABIS Needs Analysis?

Our Needs Analysis service puts an ABIS SME on-site with your team to take a deep dive into how your organization addresses the day-to day challenges of providing the best service possible while controlling the factors that can hurt quality, efficiency, communication, and most of all profitability.

Our SMEs come equipped with the combined experience of years of working with all areas of the metal building and fabrication industry.  ABIS maintains partnerships and relationships with over 70 active members of the metal industry including vendors, fabricators, retailers, and even organizations like MBMA.  ABIS has been deeply invested in the metal industry for many years; we share both the best practices and the pitfalls to avoid to keep our customers ahead of trouble.

An ABIS SME will coordinate with your team to focus on the areas that are most important to your success.  Whether that is order processing, warehouse management, production management, procurement, project management, business office, material traceability, or nearly any area of your business, our personnel will analyze your operations and provide detailed recommendations and ideas for improvement based on real experience. 

A successful Needs Analysis requires commitment and engagement from both teams.  The most beneficial Needs Analysis occurs when key managers are invested in the process, prepared to share their challenges along with their successes.  In-depth conversations about end-to-end process, personnel, and tracking with someone outside of your organization, without the "it’s the way we’ve always done it" mentality can be the best way to discover opportunities for improvement.  Our Needs Analysis is designed to break through the status quo of “just getting the job done” and brings new ideas to transform your business.

Through a series of first-hand looks at your operations flow, deep discussions with your key managers, and chats with some front-line employees, our SMEs will put together a business process analysis or gap analysis document to share with you.  The document will highlight recommendations and areas where better controls, a more efficient workflow, a different idea for reporting, or even shifts in personnel responsibilities can help your organization reach the next level.

 The Needs Analysis Process

Our Needs Analysis focuses on taking a deep look at your operations with the people that define the success in each area.  During the process, the SME is compiling information for two different forms of operational analysis – a business process analysis and a gap analysis.  The conversations, process reviews, facilities reviews, and organizational policy discussions are all analyzed with a focus on LEAN methodologies.

LEAN principles are all about eliminating waste, inefficiency, redundancy, or obstacles that can harm your ability to provide the best and most profitable services and products to your customers.  LEAN requires focusing on and polishing any imperfections that are affecting the quality and precision of your operation.  The LEAN concept originally comes from the automobile manufacturing industry, but the principles of taking the time to discover trouble spots and addressing them systematically can be applied to any operation.

The business process analysis looks at the functional areas of your organization and how work flows are communicated inside each department and between departments.  Our SMEs are looking for what works in your environment and what may be causing issues.  Most of the time, the customer already knows the problem areas, but they just don’t have the exposure to alternative solutions.  That’s where we come in.  We look for ways to improve processes, based on years of seeing successful strategies, in a way that respects the realities of your environment.  Successful changes begin with compromise and understanding that just because a best practice works in one environment, it may not work everywhere. Our SMEs are masters of crafting custom solutions that take your unique environment into account.

The other side of the process is the gap analysis.  The gap analysis takes all the information gathered and highlights the areas where a gap exists between industry best practices and your operations.  Not all the gaps need to be addressed directly, but they are worthy of consideration.  The gap analysis can also show where our solutions can help you achieve your organization’s improvement goals.  ABIS has developed software solutions that address the common challenges of the metal industry based on focused feedback and suggestions from our partners. 

Find out how the ABIS Needs Analysis can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  Come talk to us at the IRE Booth 1160 and be sure to register to win a discounted Needs Analysis.  We look forward to talking with you

About Author

Freddy is a Process Improvement Specialist at ABIS. Freddy makes sure our processes, policies, and documentation keep us prepared for success. He started at ABIS as an Implementation Consultant in 2014.


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