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This Week In Water Industry: A Viral Photo, Awards, and A Call For Change

September 05, 2016
By Simon De Brito
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This Week In Water Industry: A Viral Photo, Awards, and A Call For Change

Utility worker's submerged photo goes viral

If you missed it, this was the photo of the week in the Utilities Sector. Jamie Cox, an Acton Municipal District employee here in Texas, is seen submerged headfirst in muddy water, trying to clamp a busted line.

The picture received a lot of attention on social media and on the news, Inside Edition wonders if Cox is simply the hardest worker ever, while Wrangler Jeans calls him an everyday American hero.

The hero in question said he was just doing his job. “In this line of work, people do it a lot,” he told WFAA. And he is right, except that these everyday tasks don’t usually get this much attention. In this case, we would just like to thank him for the positive light he shed on his profession and on all the hard worker of the Water and Wastewater Management Industry. Read More.

Water Sector Groups To Recognize 61 Utilities For Exceptional Performance

Another positive news in the Water Industry, a partnership of organizations will recognize 61 public and private utilities for their outstanding achievements.

The program celebrates the progress, innovation and exceptional performance of wastewater utilities while supporting the adoption of the Utility of the Future (UOTF) business model.

The UOTF Program guides utilities toward smarter, innovative and more efficient operations. The awarded companies were selected based on 8 criteria that resonate with the challenges facing the Industry:
1. Water reuse
2. Watershed stewardship
3. Beneficial bio solids reuse
4. Community partnering
5. Engagement
6. Energy efficiency
7. Energy generation & recovery
8. Nutrient & materials recovery

NACWA CEO Adam Krantz, one of the four organizations giving the award, said that this recognition program gives a strong emphasis on innovative companies and he hopes that it will “inspire the sector as a whole to achieve still untapped economic and environmental benefits for their communities and the nation."

You can read the full article and download the list of honorees on Water Online by clicking the following link: Read More.

Times have changed -- you can, too

Stuart Karasik is a PhD who spent more than 20 years as a training program manager for the City of San Diego, and he has seen his fair share of people reluctant to change. According to him, “in order to be successful in the workplace, you must be open to change”, and he wrote a great article about it.

In this post for the American Water Works Association, he praises that worker of every generation need to be proactive rather than reactive, and argues that there are many opportunities for continuous education.

This article particularly resonates with the one written by our Director of Consulting earlier this year called [link change management]. “In today’s work force, ideas, methods, equipment, schedules, and attitudes are evolving at a frightening pace”, Karasik writes but he also advise to “Be open and you may find out that you like the new way of doing business and it makes your work easier and more fulfilling.“

In our line of business, this is a situation we regularly face. Actually, we even ask our client-partners to read a book about it called “Who Moved My Cheese” that taps into the same idea presented by Stuart Karasik.

An interesting read for any Water Utilities employees. Read More.

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