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This Week In Utilities: 2 Reports You Need To Read

This Week In Utilities: 2 Reports You Need To Read

1.  The 10 Biggest Challenges Facing The Water Industry in 2016

The state of the Water Industry and the challenges it faces is the subject of many articles, but what are the impressions of water professionals in the field? This is what the American Water Words Association (AWWA) asks them through a survey each year. These insights cover various topics including the challenges facing the water industry.  Here are the Top 10:

1.       Renewal & replacement of aging water and wastewater infrastructure

2.      Financing for capital improvements

3.      Public understanding of the value of water systems and services

4.      Long-term water supply availability

5.      Public understanding of the value of water resources

6.      Watershed/source water protection

7.      Public acceptance of future water and wastewater rate increases

8.     Water conservation/efficiency

9.      Cost recovery (pricing water to accurately reflect its true cost)

10.   Groundwater management and overuse

You can access the full report on the AWWA website. Do you agree with this list? What would you have added?

2.Assessing The Industry: Top Water Concerns And The Way Forward

In this article published on Water Online, the author goes over another major report assessing the condition of the Water Industry. 2016 Strategic Directions” created by Black & Veatch details the most pressing concerns of the Industry and the direction it is headed.

The results found are similar to the AWWA report in terms of challenges.  Aging infrastructure, managing capital and operational costs, as well as exceptional weather circumstances, are all stated as major concerns for the future of the sector. But the report also gives a particular interest in the solutions that can be implemented.

Mike Orth, the executive managing director for the Americas with Black & Veatch’s water business said “There are bright spots of innovation and new approaches for communities that are learning to do more with less. “Alternative water supply strategies, energy-efficient solutions, advanced purification technologies, emerging financing and delivery options, and the application of advanced data analytics are promising avenues going forward.”

Read more here

Read the entire Report here

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