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The Power of Warehouse Management

March 21, 2013
By Michelle Faas
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The Power of Warehouse Management

Have you thought about what aspects of your business cause headaches? Is the warehouse a critical hub of your business?

The Benefits of Good Warehouse Management

Do you wish you could:

  • Reduce Errors
  • Improve your Warehouse Space usage
  • Increase Asset Turns
  • Improve Inventory Visibility
  • Improve Customer Service and Support Quality
  • Improve Delivery and Quicker Order Fulfillment warehouse-management-system

Many manufacturers and distributors wonder how to make those headaches disappear and their wishes granted. The solution - Implement a robust Warehouse Management System (WMS). The overall purpose of a WMS is simple: to optimize all warehousing functions and processes.

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Over the years, much research and studies have been done on Warehouse Management Systems. A WMS is the backbone of day to day warehouse operations. Regardless if you are a manufacturer or a distributor, the warehouse is an important hub of your business.

Making the warehouse system wireless, one can eliminate hundreds, possibly thousands of keystrokes daily as inventory data is collected from wireless hand held scanners. Transactions are entered in real time, right where it happens; on the manufacturing plant floor, on the fork lift, at receiving, at shipping, and anywhere in between. It utilizes incredibly stable, wireless bar code technology and provides comprehensive, real-time visibility of every activity in your warehouse.

How a WMS can help you streamline your Company

A comprehensive Warehouse Management System can help streamline multiple functions in your company including:

  • Receiving - Provide knowledge and insight into shipments delivered, ensure items that are low in stock are handled first to reduce the impact of out of stocks and inefficient fulfillment processes.
  • Put-away - Provide the ability to know the location of all inventory. Workers are able to go to the right location, and set up pick to minimize travel time allowing the number of orders they can pick daily higher.
  • Order Picking/Selecting - Reduce errors and improve productivity in the picking process. Workers will be able to go to the right location and verify that the right item and the right quantity are picked reducing labor costs.
  • Order Packing - Reduce material costs by being able to determine the right size shipping carton, in return reduces the cost of shipping. Accuracy of each order will help with customer satisfaction.
  • Consolidate Shipping - Ensure each order is properly packaged, shipped to the right place and on time. Customers are more likely to receive orders when promised, increasing their satisfaction resulting in retention levels.
  • Inventory Management - You can efficiently manage every stage of the product life cycle, as well as your different lines of business. You will be able to reduce inventory levels and get stronger control of inventory operations.

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How will all of this benefit your business?

  • Reduce Error Rates - By using hand held scanners, you eliminate manual keystrokes daily which eliminate any human errors.
  • Reduce Delays/Go Paperless - Transactions are in real-time helping with sales forecasting, and accounting turn around. All transactions are being maintained electronically which eliminates paper.
  • Reduce Levels in Inventory - You will have real time visibility into your inventory giving you the ability to establish your min and max levels.
  • Faster Location of Item - Knowing where all items are will save time trying to locate the right item.
  • Increase in Customer Service - Orders will be streamlined so you can determine availability. You will feel confident that you will make the shipping and delivery dates you promise your customers. Shipments will be accurate which will increase customer satisfaction as well as eliminate the cost of returns.

To summarize - A powerful, scalable and flexible real-time WMS boosts productivity, reduces costs and fulfillment times, and increases customer satisfaction. Gaining real-time visibility and control over processes such as put way, picking, packing and shipping is priceless. Call 713-680-2247 or request a demo to learn more about a feature-rich solution to automate, streamline and verify all your in-warehouse processes.

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About Author

Michelle used to support SalesOperations at ABIS, Inc. We are making industrial businesses smarter by automating their processes to gain productivity, increase margins and generate more profits.


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