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The power and benefits of being a MBMA Member

September 18, 2018
By Stephen N. & the ABIS Team
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The power and benefits of being a MBMA Member



~Seguin Public Library, Seguin Texas. Photo courtesy of Seguin Gazette & Metal Building Architecture

As a business owner in the metal building industry, you have probably heard of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, otherwise known as MBMA. However, you may not know much about what they do or what you stand to gain from becoming a member. ABIS has a long-standing relationship with MBMA, and we’d like to share some information about the organization, some of its accomplishments, what you stand to gain from an MBMA membership, and how ABIS’s involvement with the MBMA can help member companies.

What is MBMA

The Metal Building Manufacturers Association comprises leaders in the metal building industry who have a shared goal of improving awareness, marketability, and overall quality of metal buildings. They use the combined strength of their members and associate members to influence codes in the insurance and regulation sectors that benefit the metal building industry. The combined MBMA membership, including members and associate members has been steadily growing since its inception in October 1956.

One of the ways that the MBMA achieves this goal is by providing the latest research and data to member organizations. They also capitalize on member input to create educational tools to assist your sales teams, designers, engineering professionals, contractors, and owners with every aspect of the metal building process. MBMA continues to produce industry-leading articles, guides, and tools based on years of combined experience to educate your teams and help you educate customers on a wide range of topics like the ones below:

  • Energy efficiency and environmentally responsible construction guides
  • Insurance and building regulation bulletins proven to lower insurance rates
  • Material and building process facts sheets to help produce the highest quality products
  • Metal building marketing ideas for educating your customers on the benefits and flexibility of metal building construction

MBMA Accomplishments and Member Benefits

Over the years, the MBMA has had several noteworthy successes in championing and advancing the causes of the metal building industry. Some of its notable accomplishments include:

  • Changes to the International Building Code (IBC), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) standards, and other local and state regulations as a result of numerous research and technical projects it has sponsored.
  • Making insurance companies more aware of the benefits and safety of metal buildings, leading to a reduction in metal building insurance rates.

In addition to the prestige that comes with being a member of a reputable body such as the MBMA, there are other perks that make a membership worthwhile:

  • Regular statistical reports, compiled from member sales data provide you with insights well as current marketplace trends. Some of the members-only reports you receive include the Square Footage Report, Business Conditions Report, End-Use Report, Roof & Wall Panel Report, and the County Shipment Report.
  • You gain preferred supplier status within the metal building industry, meaning you are first pick for metal building projects.
  • The advance knowledge provided by MBMA offers you the ability to influence potential changes in codes and regulations in the metal building industry.
  • You are eligible to join the AC472 Accreditation Program designed to help member companies achieve and maintain their IAS AC472 accreditation.

How ABIS Strengthens Your MBMA Membership

At ABIS, we are proud to be long-time associate members of MBMA. This relationship and its association of suppliers, manufacturers, and metal building companies keeps us connected with leaders in all areas of the metal building industry. ABIS participates in the annual committee meetings and the Associate Member Advisory Council, where representatives from all facets of the industry discuss the challenges and successes from the supply-side issues to assembly and delivery issues. We forge relationships and stay connected to industry professionals so we can share that knowledge and insight with our customers, providing valuable and timely information and industry trends that will effect the industry as a whole.

The MBMA can only offer the extensive industry research, analysis, and market insights with participation from its member companies. All members are expected to submit extensive reports containing the necessary information needed by the MBMA. For some companies, producing these reports can become time consuming, requiring custom reports and specialized process to help track and compile the data needed for MBMA reporting.

Thanks to our relationship with MBMA, we have made reporting the key monthly and quarterly data to MBMA a turn-key solution. Our specially developed MBMA reporting module within our industry specific ERP automatically collects the necessary information by capturing essential data points and exporting them to a file which can then be emailed to MBMA. For more details about the enhanced MBMA reporting, check out the ABIS Academy blog post.

Contact us today for further information about how our MBMA relationship can help your business grow and improve, and how our MBMA reporting module can simplify MBMA membership requirements.


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