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10 Benefits of Connecting your Field Representatives with Your Office

October 16, 2017
By Simon De Brito
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10 Benefits of Connecting your Field Representatives with Your Office

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software allows businesses to unite critical operations like purchasing, sales, marketing, planning, and your workforce. Integrating the software from different departments can help businesses to stay competitive and successful. The ERP software we have developed provides many benefits to any service company that has a fleet of workers in the field.

Look at some of the benefits of ERP software and discover how it can help your business.

1) Improve Operational Efficiency

Evaluation of intelligent data and all the major metrics of a business helps to manage resources, eliminating delays, optimizing processes, increasing efficiency, and increasing performance. A Field Manager can save hundreds of hours every year by empowering his fleet of workers with a mobile forkforce software. Instead of filling out paper forms, inspectors can directly enter information related to the task performed into a tablet or a phone. Instead of re-entering this information from the paper into a software every night, the manager can access it and review the team's overall and individual performance.

2) Lower Cost of Operations 

ERP software initiates a lean transformation of an organization by providing a powerful ability to measure performance driving continuous improvement. This allows companies to lower labor and material cost, increasing growth, profitability, and cash flow. An operator at a MUD/Water District company processes approximately 40 new entries a day. He or she also closes about 500 work orders a week. With a paper-process, this operator must re-enter the relevant information piece by piece. Name of the employee that performed a task, name of the customer, task performed, notes, time on site etc. But if the employee enters this information directly from the site through a mobile or tablet, the operator can now review the information, validate it, and pass it along the custody chain effortlessly. They can flip this 10-minutes long process under a minute, lowering the overall cost of operation of the entire company.

3) A Helpful Aid To Employees

ERP software helps employees to access critical information easily. Data is entirely centralized on a single technology platform allowing employees access to all the information needed to make the best decisions. If an MUD/Water Inspector needs to review the inspection status of a customer, they don't need to call someone to search through archives of physically stored data.  They can log into the software and review every interaction with a customer in seconds. Who did they talk to? Who performed the visit? What notes did they take? Is there a follow-up scheduled? This does not only simplify the employee's job, it dramatically improves the customer experience and therefore the revenue of the company.

4) Access to Real-Time Data

Providing key personnel a valuable stream of data at any time, gives strength to an organization. A software for the Service Industry makes inter-department cooperation more relevant and efficient than ever. On a daily basis, the field workers open and complete work orders on their tablets or smartphones. They use problem codes to describe generic issues, and add detailed information to specify the tasks performed. The manager of these field workers can access their data in real-time and manage his or her team more efficiently than ever. A field worker is late and will not be able to finish his 10 work orders today while another one is already 2 steps ahead? The manager can assess and react in real-time, reassigning and prioritizing tasks on the fly.

5) Unleash The Power of Your Supply Chain

By having access to intelligent data on procurement and inventory, the entire supply chain becomes more responsive. The ERP software helps to process, analyze, and develop data into accurate predictions. ABIS has developed smart rules within the software to help procurement managers in their daily routines. The system determines potential suppliers of items through commodity groups, previous orders and preferred status and can automatically request bids from them based on inventory levels or generated quotes. Instant access to previous vendor quote history provides the information needed to quickly identify savings opportunities and improve supplier relationships. And since it ties together your inventory with your accounting and every other department within your company, it allows you to save money and ensure that you will never run out of stock.

6) Better Tracking Resources

One of the main advantages of an ERP System is the ability to accurately track any type of resource. This resource can be your team, your fleet, or products you use or install at your customers place. If you own a warehouse, a Warehouse Management System will help you handle receiving, put-away, picking, packing, and complete inventory management. The entire system helps you better track any type of resource reducing overall cost and time and increasing profits.

7) Makes Project Management Easy

By organizing and consolidating oversight of complete tasks the right ERP system allows businesses to track progress, manage resources, and keep key personnel in the loop. A client billing coordinator at a MUD/Water district company can use such system to process 3 times more district in the same amount of time for example. Processing paperless information in real-time did not only make the client billing coordination position faster, but also easier. With a paper process, a piece of paper could go missing, come back with coffee stains or be simply unintelligible. They would have to call the employee to get the missing information which was not only counter productive for both of them, but also frustrating. A client billing coordinator working with ABIS agrees: “to gather all the information and process an entire district could take me half a day. Now I do less in the process; from start to finish, I can complete a bill in an hour and a half.”

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8) Make More Informed Decisions

The monitoring of accurate real-time information about every department gives team members and management executive access to intelligent and predictive data to support every goal. The time savings does not only affect the field employees, even though they can work less since they don't have to worry about paperwork. It gives the field employees a place to capture their time, capture their notes as they happen, not 5 hours later, or next day, or next week. The quality of the information recorded is better, which helps managers make decision based on more qualitative data. How long do the field officers spend on site on average? What are the problems that arise the most often? Can we implement a new strategy that would create more billable time across the board?

9) Adapt to Growth

One of the main benefits of ERP systems is their scalability. Adding new functions is effortless, customized information is readily in an engaging format, and as your company grows, the best ERP package will expand with it. It also increases the productivity of your team and helps you implement processes easy to follow. The former lets you delay the need for new onboarding, while the later ensures that a new hire will be set for success thanks to your bullet-proof processes they can follow. An ERP system is not only adapted for growth, it is built for it.

10) Customer Relationship Benefits

A complete ERP system improves customer relations by creating better business processes and increasing communication with potential clients, customers, and external sources. ERP software puts customer communications, historical and background information at your fingertips bringing efficiency to the sales team. It will help you build your strategy and support a step-by-step approach to bring value to every moment of the lifecycle of your customer.


Enterprise Resource Planning improves communication, productivity, and efficiency making your company leaner and increasing revenues. To learn more about how your company can benefit from ERP software contact us or request a demo today.



About Author

Simon previously supported Marketing Operations at ABIS, Inc. We are making businesses smarter by automating their processes to gain productivity, increase margins and generate more profits.


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