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Trim Nesting - The Overlooked Solution to Saving Time and Expense

From CEO to handyman, the tried and true mantra, "Measure Twice, Cut Once" rings loud and true for all of us. No one wants to waste good material with erroneous, or unnecessary cuts, but owners, CEO's, and operational managers face this problem on a larger scale. Fact is few experienced workers rarely make such mistakes as a wrong cut, but with profit margins shrinking, and global competition [...]

8 Ways Metal Building Companies Can Increase their Profit Margins

Maximizing profit margins within the metal building industry is a daily challenge. Many business owners respond to sluggish profits by simply raising their prices across the board. And while this strategy may lead to some gains in your gross margin percentage, you run the risk of losing price-conscious customers. Fortunately, there are some effective steps you can take to increase your margin [...]

Section 232 Will Raise the Price of Steel: How do you Protect your Margins?

If you’re in the steel industry, then you’ve probably heard about the investigation on the effects of imported steel initiated under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962. Under Section 232, the Secretary of Commerce has a maximum of 270 days to determine whether the quantities or manner by which steel is imported into the United States from other countries threatens national [...]

TWMM: A Brand New Map Of Houston's Construction Projects and the G20 in Action for the Steel Industry

TWMM or This Week in Manufacturing Metal, is a weekly recap of the most important news in the Manufacturing, Metal, and Construction Industry. This week, we have an interactive map of the (numerous) construction projects in Houston and a group of world leaders who will take actions to reduce the excess of production in the Steel Industry.

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