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ERP Software Selection: Where Should I Start?

Over the past decade, businesses generated an unprecedented quantity of patents, products, and profit models. This trend of consistent expansion is accelerating—these last few years have been the most innovative years in history. In order to thrive in this age of explosive growth and competition, businesses must maximize resource efficiency. And, to do this, they must have tools that are in line [...]

This Week in Metal and Manufacturing: Keys to Success, Innovative Roofing Design and a Plan for the First 100 Days

3 Areas of Success for a Manufacturing Company We will start this week’s review with an article from the Director of the Center for Small Manufacturers, Ken Maisch. He details three operations that are, according to him, essential for a manufacturer to succeed nowadays. The first one is the market knowledge and capability to deploy the right go-to-market strategy. From competition to customer’s [...]

TWMM: A Brand New Map Of Houston's Construction Projects and the G20 in Action for the Steel Industry

TWMM or This Week in Manufacturing Metal, is a weekly recap of the most important news in the Manufacturing, Metal, and Construction Industry. This week, we have an interactive map of the (numerous) construction projects in Houston and a group of world leaders who will take actions to reduce the excess of production in the Steel Industry.

This Week In Water Industry: A Viral Photo, Awards, and A Call For Change

Utility worker's submerged photo goes viral If you missed it, this was the photo of the week in the Utilities Sector. Jamie Cox, an Acton Municipal District employee here in Texas, is seen submerged headfirst in muddy water, trying to clamp a busted line.

This Week in Manufacturing: Reshoring Initiative, and Worker Shortage in the Construction Industry


This Week in Metal/Manufacturing: 2 Made-in-America Stories That Will Make You Feel Good

1. Houston Manufacturer Stands Up for Fair Trade This week the Houston Chronicle reported the story of a Houston manufacturer who filed a complaint against unfair competition from factories in India, Italy and Spain, and he won.

This Week In Utilities: 2 Reports You Need To Read

1.  The 10 Biggest Challenges Facing The Water Industry in 2016 The state of the Water Industry and the challenges it faces is the subject of many articles, but what are the impressions of water professionals in the field? This is what the American Water Words Association (AWWA) asks them through a survey each year. These insights cover various topics including the challenges facing the water [...]

This Week in Utilities: Water Policies, Desalination Plants, and Multitasking

August 15, 2016
By Simon De Brito
1. California Water Policy - For The Better? Let’s start this week’s series of articles with this very interesting interview of Kirsten James, the Senior Manager for California Policy and Partnerships at Ceres. She paints an informative portrait of the drought situation in California and draws a parallel with similar challenges faced around the globe. As the leader of strategy and policy [...]

This Week in Metal and Manufacturing: Rio 2016, Metal Roofs and Small-scale Manufacturing

August 12, 2016
By Simon De Brito
1. Olympic gold: we tour the architecture of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games  

Why is Innovation so important for the Metal Industry?

When we talk about innovation today, we tend to think about the Silicon Valley, Google or Elon Musk.  But while all eyes are on the biggest technological hub of the planter, other industries keep pushing themselves towards perfection.  One of them, in particular, has shown a relentless effort to improve their products and processes over the years: The Metal Industry.
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