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Schlumberger and 9/11

December 31, 2019
By Russell Schulte
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Schlumberger and 9/11

For me, September 11th, 2001 changed everything.  For the greatest generation, the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 was the Day that will live in Infamy, but since that moment there hadn’t been another event that impacted so many Americans for generations to come.911 memorial 2-1

Events have a way of shaping the future in ways you would never imagine.  September 11th did that for America, and in turn exposed vulnerabilities in our security, infrastructure and the way we go about our daily lives.  Such was the case for Schlumberger in 2001, a well-known O&G powerhouse headquartered in Houston, Texas.  Schlumberger used explosive materials in Oilfield Exploration, but after the nation was awakened to such vulnerabilities and the Department of Homeland Security was created in 2002, the demand for ensuring all such explosives and hazardous chemicals were secure became a top priority. 

In 2002, ABIS was already well-established technology firm in Houston, selling named brand software and writing customized programming for growing businesses.  Our mission was and has always been to make life managing your business easier, so when Schlumberger’s need for precise and accurate tracking of their explosive and radioactive materials became apparent, I was excited to take on this project.  We worked with PHD’s, Engineers, and Roughnecks alike, in creating a model and formula that would be both practical for the real-world application, and precise so that we could achieve nearly statistically perfect tracking accuracy for any kind of material.  Schlumberger invested over million dollars in the project, and with some of the brightest minds working alongside people that have spent their entire careers in warehousing and shipping, ABIS was able to code and write an inventory management system that was 99.9997% accurate.  Not only was the system accurate, it was simple to use which is a key component in its practicality and success, and therefore was certified by the Department of Homeland Security. 

Over the last nearly 20 years, we have added to the functionality and practicality of our inventory management system in Adjutant 20/20, and it has proven to be 99.9997% accurate not only for explosives, but for chemicals, food products, metal materials, components, and nearly anything else you could imagine.  It doesn’t matter if your area of expertise is fixing HVAC Units, building complex machinery, or yes, even tracking potentially life-threatening chemicals or explosives, ABIS has a simple and practical way to make your life in business easier!




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