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ABIS, Inc. has been honored with the Best of Best Small Business Award

April 30, 2015
By Simon De Brito
Houston, Texas – ABIS, Inc was selected as one of “Houston’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” and honored as an Elite Award Winner and received the prestigious award, the “Best of the Best Small Business.” The 12 Elite winners were selected based on their overall high scores and then named an elite winner in their highest performing category. Nominated companies were assessed by [...]

Freddy Donovan joins Implementation Consultant Team

July 03, 2014
By Michelle Faas
ABIS, Inc would like to introduce Freddy Donovan as new Implementation Consultant

ABIS, Inc announces their second Software Tour

June 12, 2014
By Michelle Faas

Field Service Automation Can Help your Business

Growing a business takes a great deal of time, determination, and passion. It begins with a single idea and a need to solve a problem of its target industries or audiences. Businesses of all sizes need to be responsive to changes within their respective markets. They should work to quickly adopt new technologies that will enable them to be at the forefront of their competition, grow, and do so in [...]

Automating your Purchasing and Procurement Department Can Increase Profit More Than Sales Growth

In today's murky economic environment, it's imperative that for your business to increase its profitability, it needs to be more productive at the lowest possible cost to your business. New supply chain management software can increase the profitability of your business by automating your purchasing and procurement processes. This blog explores how automating purchasing and procurement procedures [...]


May 06, 2014
By Michelle Faas
We are exhibiting at METALCON 2014. Visit us at booth 525.

The Next Generation of Warehouse Management

Curious about the next generation of Warehouse Management? Want to improve the management of your warehouse? Warehousing in the Metal Construction Industry has evolved over the past years. New technology has made once-difficult and time-consuming tasks much easier to accomplish. Using barcode and warehouse management systems make running a warehouse much more efficient and profitable.

Manufacturers Eliminate the "Bottleneck" by using Metal Building Software

January 29, 2014
By Michelle Faas
All metal building manufacturers are familiar with the dreaded bottleneck. It is that part of your production process that keeps all other parts from reaching their full potential. For some it is in estimating, some design, and others detailing and drafting. Once you know where the bottleneck is, how do you remove it? In this article we will examine potential solutions to removing the bottleneck [...]

Supply Chain Management: What you don't know, Can hurt you.

Supply chain management depends on knowing what you need to know, when you need to know it. That means you need visibility into it from raw material ordering through delivery to the customer. Without that visibility, you cannot track and measure how well the supply chain is performing.

Save Thousands Using Barcoding for Better Inventory Control

Ever thought about a barcoding system? In any business environment it is always a smart move to look for ways to reduce cost in order to keep profits as strong as possible. In tough times many businesses look at reducing things like employee head count, advertising and marketing, but these solutions can sometimes have a negative effect on the business. Often, better inventory control is [...]
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