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Why the Metal Industry Needs ERP Software

Why the Metal Industry Needs ERP Software

As a business, ABIS, Inc. understands that every industry is unique. This is why we have designed our proprietary ERP software, Adjutant, with Industry best-practices in mind. Take the metal industry, for example. You will not have the same requirements in a metal business as you will in manufacturing business. Thankfully, we have designed Adjutant in such a way as that it is applicable to you, whatever your industry! For someone in the metal industry, there are distinct advantages that Adjutant will give you within your business.

Increases Tracking Capabilities

Tracking in the metal industry is extremely important. When making shipments, you need to know where each item is going and when. This is where the best Metal Industry Software can help. MetalEZ tracks your packages from start to finish. Adjutant can even predict late shipments before they happen, thereby improving forecasting abilities! Knowing there is a shortage of product long before it happens allows you and your team to address any issues quicker and easier. Adjutant will even keep track of the necessary documentation for your shipments as they adjust.

Centralizes Data

Have you ever needed to find documentation, but have not been able to find what you need because the information is spread around different desks? With Adjutant, you will not have that problem ever again. Now, your data will be centralized, in an easy to understand format, where your teams can easily locate everything they need.  Knowing the details has never been easier.

Shortens Business Processes

Adjutant will make business processes significantly easier by integrating all of your departments together. Matt Stone, VP of Schulte Business Systems, has even stated, "Adjutant's integration with other programs, like MBS, and AMS/Eclipse has saved us more time than I ever imagined. Getting a large job into the shop used to take two days; it now takes about 15 minutes." Because it shortens your business processes, you will be more efficient than ever before. We even take it a step further by "reducing scrap, setups, and manual sheers." You will be able to focus on more important things while Adjutant takes care of the rest.

Improves Control, Transparency, and Decision-Making

By centralizing your data, making logistics/production faster, shortening business processes, and increasing your tracking abilities, Adjutant gives you the control you need to run your business. You will have everything you need to make the best decisions for your business and your customers. This transparency will make your business better and help you improve customer relationships. Your team will be able to better serve them with the tools that only Adjutant can provide.

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Are you ready to let ABIS through Adjutant help you on your journey to success? Contact us today and let us help you make your metal business even more successful!

About Author

Simon previously supported Marketing Operations at ABIS, Inc. We are making businesses smarter by automating their processes to gain productivity, increase margins and generate more profits.


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