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This Week in Metal and Manufacturing: Rio 2016, Metal Roofs and Small-scale Manufacturing

August 12, 2016
By Simon De Brito
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This Week in Metal and Manufacturing: Rio 2016, Metal Roofs and Small-scale Manufacturing

1. Olympic gold: we tour the architecture of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games


While the Olympics Games are in full swing and the U.S. is currently the first rank in the medals count, wallpaper.com (a website dedicated to architecture and lifestyle) gives us some insights on four structures built for the event.

The Future Arena, the Canada Olympic House, the Danish Sailing Pavilion, and the Olympic Youth Arena all display authentic character and innovative ideas that caught our attention.

The Future Arena, for example, was specifically built to be repurposed after the Olympics. The approach – called ‘nomadic architecture’– allows the building to be dismantled and used again to construct four new schools after the games draw to a close. Read More

2. The Advantages of Metal Roofs

The Advantages of Metal Roofs

The website Energy Manager Today is a daily publication providing news and information about energy management. In one of their most recent articles, they detail the advantages of metal roofs over other materials. According to this article, their metal roofs offer three major benefits: “installation advantages, a longer life expectancy than other options and can moderate the temperature – and thus cooling needs – in the structures they cover.” Read More.

On the same note, this article from the Steel Market Development Institute lists 13 advantages of Metal Structures regarding energy efficiency. Including:

  • The roof can have the greatest impact on the energy use of a building - Lightly colored, more reflective roofs can save up to 40 percent in cooling energy
  • Metal roofs can result in as much as a 30 percent reduction in heat gain through the roof
  • Painted metal roofs retain 95 percent of their initial reflectance and emittance over time

Read More.

3. Lessons in Small-scale Manufacturing from the Othermill Shop Floor

Small scale manufacturing

In this blog, we spend more time talking about the Manufacturing Industry or giving tips to Metal Builders than paying attention to small-scale manufacturing, but this time, we will make an exception. Othermachine.co is a company that creates machines capable of fabricating precise parts and PCBs within minutes. Their goal is to replace the role of the board house by letting you upload your own file into their software, choosing a milling tool and milling your board yourself. Their main product is called the Othermill, and like every small-scale manufacturer, they make it in small, careful batches. This article gives us a tour of their shop floor and an interesting insight on their efforts to optimize processes. It is an interesting look at the manufacturing world and reminds us that no matter the size of your business, the preoccupations of any manufacturer are always the same: “How can we reduce cost while simultaneously maintaining or increasing quality?” Read More.

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Simon previously supported Marketing Operations at ABIS, Inc. We are making businesses smarter by automating their processes to gain productivity, increase margins and generate more profits.


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