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This Week in Metal and Manufacturing: The Best Cities To Work In Manufacturing

October 07, 2016
By Simon De Brito
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This Week in Metal and Manufacturing: The Best Cities To Work In Manufacturing

The Best Places to Work in Manufacturing

Smart Asset, a personal finance and research company, released last week a very interesting ranking that analyzed 389 areas in the country and identified the best places to work in the Manufacturing Industry.

They used six factors to differentiate the growth of those communities and how heavily they rely on manufacturing:

1.      One-year employment growth

2.      Five-year employment growth

3.      One-year income growth

4.      Five-year income growth

5.      Ratio of manufacturing workers to the total worker population

6.      Income left over after housing costs.

The results show a particularly strong Manufacturing culture in the South and incomes rising all over the country.  Two States especially stood out in the Top 10. Texas and Wisconsin, which both placed two cities on the top of the list.

Best Places to Work In Manufacturing

Read the entire study.

In other news, here Construction Magazine Network analyzes the changing landscape of roll forming and Why Using Inferior Products Can Hurt Your Reputation.  Armstrong Steel details 5 Ways a Metal Building Can Help Saving Money and the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) affirms that the Construction of a Metal Building Structure is About 30% Faster than conventional construction.

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