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MBMA Reporting at Your Fingertips

October 02, 2017
By Freddy Donovan
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MBMA Reporting at Your Fingertips

ABIS has made the process of reporting to the Metal Building Manufacturer’s Association (MBMA) quick and simple. With several recent enhancements to Adjutant’s Desktop software, you can now produce everything required by MBMA for their Monthly report with a single, automated report.

We’ve enhanced our solution for MBMA Quarterly reporting as well. The Monthly and Quarterly reporting tools in Adjutant have been redesigned to work together for a powerful, turn-key solution.

Benefits of MBMA Quick Reporting

  1. NEW MBMA Monthly Report gives you everything you need for MBMA
  2. NEW MBMA Monthly Report has a detailed mode for research
  3. Redesigned MBMA Quarterly Report makes quarterly reconciliation quick and easy

eBlast - MBMA Reporting

How MBMA Quick Reporting Works

ABIS has recently completed a series of enhancements for our customers that report to the Metal Building Manufacturing Association (MBMA). We now have an improved, turn-key solution for MBMA Monthly Reporting requirements. The new report generates all of the numbers needed for MBMA in a concise report laid out to match the MBMA online entry screen. The new MBMA Monthly Report also includes a detail version, so you can verify the order details being reported in each section. Best of all, the new monthly report can be set up to run automatically on a schedule and can be waiting in your inbox on the first of every month.

The MBMA Monthly Report requires that building orders are tracked through the Project Management module, and all MBMA-reported items must be sold on Sales Orders linked to a Project Control record.

eBlast - MBMA Reporting - Detailed Domestic Shipments

Image: MBMA Monthly Report – Detailed (Domestic Shipments)

You can control which item codes are totaled and reported to MBMA with a new item attribute that is required for any items being reported to MBMA. This new level of control helps you better manage which jobs and items are being reported. Specific MBMA reporting details such as weight and square feet are tracked through item code configuration questions that make it easy to manage and update.

The Detail format of the MBMA Monthly Report acts as an audit tool with detailed breakdowns of every sales order and invoice that total into the different sections.

  • Domestic Shipments – Dollar values and tons
  • Export Shipment – Dollar values and tons
  • Net (New) Orders – Dollar values and tons
  • Backlog – Dollar values and tons
  • Square Footage breakdown for Net Orders

The MBMA Quarterly Report has also been updated to make it easier to reconcile with the monthly reports. The quarterly reporting selection and rounding logic has been standardized to match the MBMA guidelines, and to make sure the shipment totals from the three monthly reports add up to the quarterly totals. A detail format has also been added to the quarterly report to help with verifying the orders included in the reporting period.

Together, these two new reports give you more control over the MBMA reporting process, and save you time every month with consistent and reliable reporting.

Set it up In Adjutant/MetalEZ

For more information on setting up the new MBMA reports at your organization, contact your Implementation Consultant. You can also review the Adjutant Wiki entries below for more information on the setup and use of each report.

MBMA Monthly Report: http://www.abiscorp.com/adjwiki/MBMAMONTHLY.ashx

MBMA Quarterly Report: http://www.abiscorp.com/adjwiki/MBMAREPORTING.ashx

About Author

Freddy is a Process Improvement Specialist at ABIS. Freddy makes sure our processes, policies, and documentation keep us prepared for success. He started at ABIS as an Implementation Consultant in 2014.


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